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  1. JBetance

    It is really amazed at the many different companies that they are doing for sustainability. That big anchor in the lobby that we first saw when everybody arrived is off the ship that I served in the 1990’s. I do mean the USS Austin(LPD-4) and will post the proof shortly, stand by! I thought I was never going to she anything about the ship after I left the service.

    1. Sean MacDonald

      Fantastic! Looking forward to your info..and photos?
      What an interesting coincidence – interested in hearing your story.

  2. Aaron

    I really enjoyed the tour at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I like the fact that they did fundraising to provide local employers wit additional money to help. Also that they have a construction kids workshop. Another thing I liked from the tour is that i was able to learn new facts. For example, when the tour guide said that an oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water I found that really amazing.

  3. EspinalA

    The Brooklyn Navy Yard website gives detail on almost every section of the Navy Yard but when you go personally it is a totally different experience. I have heard of the Navy Yard from a lot of people but never really got the chance to go. The website tells you the importance and what is there now. From employment, to leasing, history, and how they are going to keep the Navy Yard sustainable. They do not mention some of the future projects our guide mentioned.
    One interesting future project is the super market that will be opening on the corner of Flushing Ave and Navy St. This super market will be available to the public and also gives the Navy Yard some kind of income for the immense amount of employment they are making available. I walked from 285 Jay St. and there were no supermarkets around, so this will be a huge investment and a great addition to the neighborhood. The website never mentioned anything about keeping residential out of the property, but they never address residential use either. Its nice to know some projects are not just for a certain group of people. The Navy Yard shows us that there are people trying to help the communities rather than hurt them. The website does not mention much about the after-school programs they have and I am sure a lot of families from around might not know either. The future projects and the amount of detail of each is not found on the website. it was definitely worth going on this trip to learn about the future of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  4. Carlos Castro

    Field trip in Brooklyn Navy yard was a great experience. It was wonderful to know that there are a lot of companies that are occupying such a big area with different kinds of service. I heard of Brooklyn navy yard before and I thought its a yard for military services, hence the name but I was wrong. I like it when they maintain the name to show people the history of the location.
    I also like how they use the Brooklyn navy yard as an opportunity to train people for extra skills and hire people for jobs. In addition, I like the rain water collection system. This system uses rain water and use it for the building. It can save a lot of water and energy.
    Moreover, I like the idea about the black buoys that are on the water. The buoys are connected with boxes with oysters. The oysters will help clean the water because they made to filter water. It can filter 50 galloons per day. To me it was very interesting. Carlos Castro

  5. Deon Arthur

    The field trip to the Brooklyn Navy Yard was a very superb experience. I’ve heard of the Brooklyn Navy Yard for many years, and i thought it was used for military purposes because of the name but i was completely wrong. it was really amazing to see that so many different companies actually rent or lease the space that they occupy. I like the way that they use the rain as part of their water system and the sun for light and heat.

  6. Shawn Clarke

    The visit to the Brooklyn Navy was very interesting and educational. The reason I say this is because of the different companies that occupies the yard. The things that was most interested to me as an Electrical Engineering major was the Solar and wind powered Street lights. Other areas that were interest was the prefabricated buildings that will be used for a constructing a building on Atlantic Ave Downtown Brooklyn. The oysters that are being grown to repopulate the the different rivers and around New York city was very informational. The way in which some of the buildings e.g building 92 are constructed to drain rain water and collect it for use . The dry docks were amazing to see how ships are being repaired for the safety of passengers and its crew. The tour guide made the trip very full filling because of how much information he knew and conveyed.

  7. chung kim

    Field trip to Brooklyn Navy Yard was a great chance to learn industry development and structure, at the same time, it also was very inspirational experience because I came to realization that just by small putting efforts, human can reserve environment.
    One of the most memorable things that I have observed was the building that used to be used as warehouse. It is now being used as office building, and to be used as its current purpose, construction work was done and installed windows. If they were to build a brand new building, they would have created industrial waste and needed to use quite a few types of natural resources which could have caused negative impact on environment. However, it seems that simply by installing two windows they efficiently practiced sustainable architecture because they were able to save money and not creating unnecessary natural resources. In addition, I was impressed how they gather rain to flush the toilets in bathrooms and get investment from former factory area to hire local neighborhood to help local business. I happened to learn that contributing to development of local economy is a one of the most important sustainable architecture system.
    Personally, the most interest thing was a roof top gardening, but it is unfortunate that I could not listen to complete explanation of it because I had to leave for my next class and there was no agricultural product for it is not the season. However, it was a great experience because I learned how rood top gardening operates and what benefit it brings.
    Finally, it was interesting to hear that oyster purifies 50 gallons of water a day, and it has potential to prevent flood.
    I did not have too much expectation about this field trip until I was there to observe how the facility contribute to sustainability and has close relationship with growth in economy. I came to realize human activities can lower quality of life unlike what we did during industrial revolution during early 20 century.

  8. Roman

    The tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard was great. Learning can take place outside of the classroom and the weather was on our side. It’s good to see that they did not sell out to the rich real estate people who are probably drooling over the prospect of getting their hands on the land. Using the land for industrial production is what it should be used for since there really aren’t many other places in the city to engage in this type of work. They are doing incredible things with the renovation of properties on the yard and converting them to energy efficient structures. One of the more amazing things about the tour was hearing about the oyster farm. I truly had no idea that they clean water and slow down the tide because of the way they grow on top of each other. Seeing the modular homes was quite the shocker too. They look like trailers they use after natural disasters hit but they have good use for them. I’m sure they’re made of environmentally friendly material. It was time well spent and a great learning experience.

  9. abraham

    The trip was very interesting, especially how navy yard has changed over time to become an important environmental center or model in NYC. One of the places that interested me the most was the oyster place. And how this project have been developed to help to clean the water in the city using the natural characteristics of the oysters, which as we learned in the tri is a native species to this waters.

    Building 92 was interesting has been redesigned to use natural resources, like collecting water from rain and using solar energy to heat water. The cost-benefit still unclear for me since I could not found actual data for that, but the idea is brilliant.

  10. Deepak123

    it was a very amazing trip and an eye opener on how it affects our environment and community. I never got to see dry docks or even a navy yard in general. worth go seeing and taking the trip again.


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