Brooklyn Museum Field Trip

For our class trip, we went to the Brooklyn Museum and visited JR Chronicles as one of the exhibits. JR’s exhibit took up all of the first floor of the museum. That ran across the walls where you may have broken your neck from looking up because his work ran from average height all the way to the second floor. Many of JR’s work is people’s work as in you, your self is the artist, and you take the photos all JR is going to do is print them out large and have them placed all over the place. JR also put other photos together into one enormous photo that looks like he took it in one go.

One of the displays that caught my attention was a video that JR put together. Where he recorded many people protesting for their beliefs, and he put them together in one big video and in slow-motion. Which seems like they all were there at the same time doing this. But when JR showed us the process he took to make this big picture. It just fascinated me. How he was able to take multiple people and take many photos of them, then putting it all together seems like they were all there at once doing it. This is just amazing, and it just makes you stand there looking at everyone’s reactions.

When I was walking through JR’s work and seeing what he does. Bring his work to life and being surrounded by wall to wall with his work. It made me feel as though I was also part of his work too. That we all are important none of us should be left out. We all have a voice that will be heard. Also seeing that anyone can be an artist/photographer just go out there and make art. Being able to see JR’s work it lightens up anyone to be able to do something to make a change and to let others know issues that the world has.

Video Project

This is a video that I created for fun. It is images of my character on a game but I also took a song and wrote out the lyrics to the song. As the lyrics pop up on the screen there is both movement on the lyrics and the images. Please click on the link below if you’re interested in the video! 😀 Enjoy your time there 😀

Logo History Project

Logo History Project

    We all love social media and are always on it one way or the other. There is not one single person in the world who hasn’t been on social media or heard of it because we are always on our phones. Here comes the app Snapchat everyone has used this app once in their lifetime. where everyone from around the world can see what you’re doing. It is also an easy place where you can show your small moments of life with friends and family.

   We might be wondering who designed this cute yet very simple Snapchat logo? Well, the person who had designed the logo is Evan Thomas Spiegel he is a 25-year-old man who is also a billionaire. He was born in Los Angeles in 1990, he is a co-founder and CEO of snap. Spiegel came up with the idea of a popular photo/video sharing with family and friends, while he was attending Stanford University Snap became public in early 2017. Spiegel claimed that he had designed the logo in his bedroom on his computer, and it took him up to one evening to design the logo we see today. The Snapchat logo is very similar to another company called Picaboo. Picaboo is a site where you can print out your photo books, or anything you want to put with the photos you choose to have on it.

    Spiegel designed the ghost logo because the photos that are used within the app disappear in a short period just like a ghost if we were able to see them, the name of this little ghost is called “Chillah”. Before when the logo started there was a small smile on the little ghost but as the app keeps updating they decided to remove the face and keep it as the outline of a ghost. A quote from the Snapchat blog itself says, “Many of you have noticed that in our latest iOS update, v5.0 Banquo, our mascot no longer has a facial expression. This isn’t because we forgot the face – it’s because you are the face of Snapchat.” Another evidence from this article states that “ And it turns out that the decision to change the logo might have less to do with making a statement and more to do with not having to shell out in a lawsuit.” This shows us that Snapchat didn’t just remove the little ghost’s face for that only reason but for also not getting find with the lawsuits.

    Snapchat hasn’t influenced any other logos since it was created. More so the creator, Spiegel created this logo on his own. People are furious about the change the logo has taken. The thick stroke around the little ghost “Chillah” looks so different compared to the other logos on your phone, and people aren’t appreciated with the new changes. When you’re scrolling through your phone’s homepage you can easily spot the difference with the Snapchat logo, it just catches your eyes easily. People don’t like changes especially when it comes to people already being used to what we see all the time when we click on the Snapchat logo.

    We all have used Snapchat in our lifetime whether it was when Snapchat first launched in 2017 or later on the lines. Once you show someone the little ghost “Chillah” everyone knows it’s the Snapchat logo. There isn’t a logo similar to Snapchat’s logo which is why Snapchat is unique on its own.



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