Visual museum

Virtual museum

A piece from the Nassau Museum of Art’s Virtual Exhibit “Blue” that I found very interesting was the piece called The Huxley Guide to Switzerland by Christopher Winter. The piece is 35.5×27.5 in which is a very big piece that was created in 2011. He used Acrylic paint on a canvas. In the piece, you can mainly see that he used the color blue and white there were some hints of green and pinks that were used. I chose this piece because I liked how he made the boy and girl look like they were flying over water because under the boy and girl you can see the reflection of their shoes, and you can also see the reflections of the mountains. I feel like the virtual experience would differ from physically going to the museum and experiencing it there for your self because the atmosphere around the painting would be different than visually.

The next piece I chose from the museum is by Landon Metz. The art piece doesn’t have a name. It is a painting, dye on canvas in two parts. The size of the painting is 50×40 in. I chose this piece because it looks like the painting can go on forever and it would take a long time to copy exactly the same lines on two different canvases which shows that he probably took a long time to finish this painting. I also don’t see many people use a navy blue and white color on a piece much, we mostly see blue or light blue so this painting was a bit different.

Last but not least the final piece that I chose was Hiroshige Fine Evening on the Coast woodblock (Prussian blue, 1830). It is 14 1/2x 9 ¾ in. I chose this piece because it reminds me so much of painting I see around my parent’s friend’s house where they have many of these types of pieces hanging around their walls. Some have mountains and others are of flowers and animals with Asian writing on the side. I choose this piece because it gave me familiarity.