Assignment #2


DUE  April 01, 2022, 11:00 pm

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Drawing Description

Using the case study that you have selected, draw at a minimum of 4 section through the plan. Draw all building components, Walls, Doors and Windows (including furniture, fixtures and equipment). You are required to use standard drafting techniques to construct the section/elevations including projecting from the plan, utilizing a complete and accurate survey of the elevations of your case study.


Drawing Requirements:

  • Existing survey of the elevations showing all building components with dimensions.
  • Minimum of 4 section/elevations drawn across the entire plan. Scale to be determined.
  • Drawing scaled in viewport
  • Completed Title Block
  • Include all dimensions necessary to accurately describe the drawing.
  • Include all notes to call out all components.


Grading Rubric

Completeness…      Assignment                                                     30%

Completeness…      Survey and drawing Accuracy                  30%

Completeness…      Title Block                                                         10%

Craftmanship…..      Using correct layers, Line weights,         20%

     Line Types, Drawing cleanliness

Craftmanship…        Readability/Scale                                            10%



  • Assignments are to be submitted to Dropbox Here by the due date and time indicated above.
  • Submission should follow the class naming standard.

CMCE-1211_Loo_SP22_LastName-FirstName_Drawing 2.dwg

CMCE-1211_Loo_SP22_LastName-FirstName_Drawing 2.pdf

  • Submit Cad file of Drawing
  • Submit PDF file of drawing
  • Submit PDF file of Survey (single multi-page file)

Samples are for reference only not as a representation of a completed assignment


Survey Sample
Survey Sample
Drawing Sample
Drawing Sample
Drawing Sample