Assignment #3

3D Modeling and Presentation

DUE May 13, 2022, 11:00 pm

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Assignment #3 Submission Link

Drawing Description

Using the case study that you have selected, Model your case study in 3D using the information documented on you plan and elevations. Model all building components, Walls, Doors and Windows (including furniture, fixtures and equipment). You are required to use standard 3D modeling techniques to construct the 3D Model.

Drawing Requirements:

  • Minimum of 1 Plan Perspective showing the entire model.
  • Minimum of 1 Perspective camera view for each major space showing modeled items.
  • Create and use appropriate 3D layers
  • Completed Title Block
  • Separate view ports showing each view
  • Label each viewport

Grading Rubric

Completeness…      Assignment                                                      30%

Completeness…      Survey and drawing Accuracy                  30%

Completeness…      Title Block                                                        10%

Craftmanship…..      Using correct layers, Line weights,       20%

                                          Line Types, Drawing cleanliness     

Craftmanship…        Readability/Scale                                         10%



  • Assignments are to be submitted to Dropbox Here by the due date and time indicated above.
  • Submission should follow the class naming standard.

CMCE-1211_Loo_SP22_LastName-FirstName_Drawing 3.dwg

CMCE-1211_Loo_SP22_LastName-FirstName_Drawing 3.pdf

  • Submit Cad file of Drawing
  • Submit PDF file of drawing
  • Submit PDF file of Survey (single multi-page file)

Plan Perspective sample
Camera view sample
Camera View Sample
Drawing Sample
Plan perspective sampl
Camera View Sample
Plan Rendering Sample
Rendered View