Week Topic Reading/ Text Reference Lab Assignment/HW
8/27 1 -Introductions and Course Review.
-Dropbox, BlackBoard, Slack Set up
-Practice Drawing Assignment
-Review UI, Basic Concepts/Entities
-Introduction to Drawing #1
-Review of Field Notes and Documentation Basics
Chapter 2, 3, 4 & 5

Practice Assignment Due 9/03 8:00 AM

HW: Select a space that will be your case study for the semester.

Practice Assignment Due 9/3 AM
-Assign Drawing #1 – SCANNED: Photos and sketches of case study due 9/10, 8:00 am ( to be shared and reviewed in class)

09/03   NO CLASS   Practice Assignment Due AM
9/10 2 Case Study Review for Approval

Layers, Blocks (block definition, rotating, unblocking and redefine, editing, nesting, Wblocks)/ Hatching & Gradients

Chapter 6(pg 123), 7 & 8

Case Study Proposal Due

(Dimensions, sketches, Notes, Photos)

9/17  3

Review of Field Survey

In Class Work Session (start drafting the plans starting with walls and openings)

Chapter 9

Field Survey Due

HW: Walls, doors and windows complete

9/24 4 Blocks vs Xrefs (External References)& Work Session Chapter 12  HW: Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Complete
10/01 5 Layouts, Title Blocks, Annotation (Dimension and Notes, Plotting Basics Chapter 13, 15

 HW: Title Block, Dimensions and Notes

Complete Assignment #1

10/8 6

 Work Session/Individual review of assignments

Introduction of Assignment No.2-Indicate on plan where the elevations/section will be cut

Chapter 14 & 15

 Drawing #1 Due PM
Assign Drawing #2

HW: Complete Section/Elevation survey

10/15 7

Elevation Survey Review

Plan projection

Review for Midterm

  Elevation Survey Due


HW: Start Drafting Section/Elevations

10/22 8

Mid Term

10/29 9

Midterm Review

Progress Presentation/ Work Session,  Plan projection, UCS, Layout major elevations around plan


Elevation Survey Due

HW: Elevation development

11/05 10 Work Session/Individual review of assignment  

Drawing #2 Due PM

Assign Drawing #3

11/12 11

Assign Drawing #3

Introduction 3D Models Basic concepts for Creating and Modeling 3D Drawings

Chapter 16 3D Model Walls and Window and Door opening
11/19 12

Progress Presentation/ Work Session

Advanced 3D features (camera views, Orthographic views, Perspective view)

Chapter 17
3D Model Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Presenting 3D Drawings (Visual Styles, Views in Viewports)Review For Final & Work Session
Continue working on 3D Model
12/10 14

Progress Presentation/Work Session

Final Review

  Drawing #3 Due  PM
12/17  15 Final Exam