2020 LAF Writing Competition Awards

Adolphus Lee Poetry Award

1st Place: Jolly Chidiadi James, “Pikin On Forever”

2nd Place: Dekker Montgomery, “My Father, The Time Traveler”

3rd Place: Kristen Clarke, “Are you back yet?”


Kay-Hirsch Literary Criticism Award

1st Place: Garnet Garcia, “Vibe Check: America”

2nd Place: Ayshe Kerim, “The Role of Slavery in Gothic Literature”

3rd Place: Heeyoun Keum, “Speaking Freedom from Prison”


Michele Forsten Advocacy Award

1st Place: Patrick Rogers, “The God of Brothers”

2nd Place: Savan De Jesus, “Medical Technology and Black Bodies”

3rd Place: Ayshe Kerim, “Separation of Sex in a Place of Unity”


Walter-Scanlon Creative Non-Fiction Award

1st Place: Amena Miah, “My Mother’s Life”

2nd Place: Keeozel Saul, “Leap of Faith”

3rd Place: Lesley Trujillo, “The Chicana in Me”

Honorable Mention: Sabina Joba, “Personal Literacy Narrative”


Charles Matusik Fiction Award

1st Place: Mitchell Landero, “Heads or Tails?”

2nd Place: Nicholas Cabrera, “Quien Soy Yo”

3rd Place (tied): Patrick Rogers, “God of Brothers”

3rd Place (tied): Kenneth Cordoba, “Japhet Saves a Bank”


Lou Rivers Drama Award

1st Place: Keyri Jimenez, “Dear Matt”