Week 4 – mapping

In today’s class, the exercise was to map out what I do daily. Though I don’t water my plant daily, it’s mostly a weekly/bi-weekly activity I do. This is a rough sketch & I had a many more ideas.

Before I started working on my flowchart, this is what I’ve typed out.

Watering my plant (How I water plant)

  • Prepare the mixture
    • Depending on what type of mixture I use I will either use my kelp supplement or the acid-feeding water sollution for my plant
    • Both have the same steps, 2 teaspoons and 1 bottle of water.
  • Bring the pot to the bathroom
  • Slowly pour the water mixture into the pot
    • I prefer to start from the outside towards the inside
  • Do not overflow the water and wait until most of the water seeps into the soil
  • I have a tray for the pot so when the water comes out through the drainage the tray will catch the water.
  • Dump out the water and water the pot again until the bottle is empty
  • Once all water has been flush out, bring it back into the original spot near the window.

Extras step if I feel like it would be to wipe the leaves

  • After watering the plant, I would get a microfabric cloth and wet it with warm water.
  • Then I will carefully wipe the leaves down from the stem towards the leaves.
  • Does the same process to the rest of the leaves top & bottom.

Another step I would do:

  • Bring it back to the original window spot
  • Spray around the plant with my water spray to increase the humidity

If I had more time, I may have map out most of the ideas I first typed out but a simple flowchart will be fine for now.

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