100 Word Reflection

Citizen Jane was a moving documentary in how a women fought for her beliefs and her neighborhood. Jane Jacobs reminded me of a modern day Susan B Anthony. The way she stood up to Robert Moses and the city about the Lower East Expressway and about demolitioning Greenwich village made me realize that the same actions need to be taken today due to the gentrification issue rising. We are currently going through what they went through years ago with city officials trying to change neighborhoods and make them “better”. Jane Jacobs set an example for all people who to fight for what they believe in and tonalways protect their homes.

Bowery Boys podcast reflection

Now I happened to listen to two Podcast and it was the one about Penn Station and the one about GCT. I loved the podcast on GCT cause they discussed about Grand Centrals transitions from Grand Central Depot to Station and finally to Terminal. The Bowery boys, I will have to say have this chemistry that flows so well that it makes their podcast quite enjoyable.

I do agree with them that the Pennsylvania RR was the most influential RR in america today since it is cause of them that many trains can think of entering NYC with no problem.

although, the Bowery boys were discussing somethings that I had already learned about, it was interesting to hear how described it and how they spin it from their own point of view.

Reflection of the second GCT video

I enjoyed watching this group discussion since you able to get so many point of views at one time. but just as I had stated in class, I had one issue. That issue was the fact that nobody mentions the fact that Wilgus originally envisioned the need for Grand Central to go electric back in 1900 but his ideas were pushed aside and overlooked. It wasn’t until the accident of 1902 when the board realized that Wilgus’ ideas were pinnacle in GCT’s survival and that if they had listened to him in the first place, they wouldn’t have been in that mess of a situation.

Bowery Brothers Podcast

Listening to the Bowery Brother’s Podcast was interesting. I tended to notice the style of the podcast more, and realized how professional and clean cut the podcast was (as compared to my own rendition of a “podcast”). I couldn’t help but realize that most of the podcast was basic information that we learned as a class from the first couple of classes when we explored the topic of GCT, and I wasn’t as engaged as I was while watching videos that had most of the same information. I feel like listening to history is harder to focus on, while visually experiencing it is more interesting. However, I thought it was interesting that we were able to get most of all the basic information of GCT through an assortment of mediums. We were able to read about the iterations of the depot, and the transition of the locomotives etc, then we were able to visually see this information through videos that we watched in class, then we took the tours of GCT where we were able to first hand experience the space of GCT.. so listening to the podcast was kind of taking a step back. I do think that it was an interesting stylistic way of sharing information through a podcast, and it helped me to understand the way a podcast should sound like (something that we have to do for the final project).

Bowery brothers

I really enjoyed the Bowery brothers video. My favorite part was knowing that people actually lived in tenements in the 34th area near penn station. It was interesting to know how it must’ve been to have someone come to your door with loads of cash to buy your property just one day. Midtown is what it is today because of penn station and grand central terminal. For them to buy out the tenements and the build and dig for years.

New things that I learned was that mckin and white worked on the east and west wing of the White House, and that mckim, mead and white believed a lot in city beautiful which is adding the beautiful work of architecture buildings to a city.

Overall the video was very informative and I wish that I could’ve seen the old penn station. It was sad to see the picture of the demolition of penn station in the end

Frances, Keriann, and Mimu’s Final Podcast

How did the architecture of the ancient world, such as the Baths of Caracalla, and the interpretation of Beaux-Arts influence the design of Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station?

Listen in as Keriann and Frances explore the inspiration behind the designs of two of the most beautiful monuments that have ever graced the streets of New York City.

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