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Citizen Jane: Battle for the City is a great movie, although I didn’t get a chance to look at the whole movie, the parts that I was shown during class had a lot of deep meaning to it and a lot of information most common people might not know. The two biggest characters in this movie, who are real are, Jane Jacobs and Robert Moises. These two people are very different from another an they have different view on what they see in a city. Jane Jacobs has more ground view of New York City , whereas for Robert Moises he had a bird’s eye view who only knew from a view above about New York City. The main topic i got from the movie clips is that Jane Jacobs wants chaos because chaos is what makes the city and neighborhoods safe and orderly. Whereas for Robert Moises he just wants more money in his pockets and thinks that his plan are better for the neighborhood when really they aren’t. Robert Moises wanted to stretch 5th ave and have a bus go through Washington Square Park. Jane Jacobs was not having it, she loved that park and so did a lot of other people from the neighborhood, so to bring a bus into the park wouldn’t make it a park nor would it make it the centerpiece place for all neighborhoods to go to. So, Jacobs fought back and Robert Moises didn’t like to be told “no”. But, the whole neighborhood was in different rallies and saying no because that is their neighborhood and they know that all Moises cares about is his money and how to make more of it. Overall the movie showed a lot of New York City history that doesn’t get told and how these people who help run this city mostly think of the money they could make and not about the neighborhoods or even a thought on how they’re destroying the neighborhoods and the order of things.

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