Discussion Thread 1

As I grew up and came to settle down in NYC again, I revisited this place that only brought nostalgia as I got closer to it. I was able to feel the rigid stone sidewalks and finding myself staring at the picturesque uniformity of residences in the neighborhood and even smelling the freshness that spring was cooking up with the beauty of its trees. While all of this was occurring, my mind was just remembering members who played a significant role in the appreciation I had and have for Prospect Park. As a kid who was able to experience this public park by running, family gatherings, sledding and visiting its zoo.

It’s a place that hits different when visiting. Prospect Park plays a significant role in the borough of Brooklyn, it nearly serves as a symbol of pride for us people of Brooklyn. The park is often compared to Central Park despite Central Park’s superior size. There are people who feel like Prospect allows oneself to immerse themselves a little more intimately with nature rather than being exposed to a swarm of people in Manhattan.  

However, it’s astonishing that a park that was created, little more than 150 years ago (1867) still amazes people and is one of the factors for a higher cost of rent around the area of Park Slope.

Discussion Thread #1

Good morning, everyone. I hope you had a good Labor Day Weekend. As we discussed last week, here is discussion thread number one. For the full credit of five points submit your response by 11:59 pm Sunday night September 13.

Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village seen from Hunter’s Point South Park, Long Island City

The built environment of New York City is all around us. In 100-300 words tell us of a public building or space in your neighborhood (or in the time you spend within New York City if you live outside the five boroughs) – a school, a library, a park, a housing unit, or something else of your choosing – with which you have had even a passing encounter. Tell us briefly how & when the space came to be, and describe how it impacts your neighborhood and your experiences, good, bad, or indifferent.

You have wide latitude. Chose something that interests you. Please respond directly as a comment to this thread. We look forward to hearing your responses.

(image: Tdorante10, via Wikimedia Commons)

Hello from Professor Muchowski

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s me, Professor Muchowski. I am very excited about the fall term and think we are going to have a lot of fun studying the life and times of this controversial figure Robert Moses. To whet your appetite a little bit and for fun I thought I would share this picture I found on NYPL of Jones Beach, which was built by Moses almost a century ago.

I am sending this as something of a test. If you would, please let me know if you get this.


Professor Muchowski