I recorded all the parts of each instrument on Logic Pro X but before
doing so, I started off with the main instrument first which is the piano then I recorded the drum part using the MIDI keyboard that triggered drum set sounds from Logic Pro X’s sound
library. After the piano and the drums, I then recorded the bass guitar and the guitar parts. When I finished constructing the whole song, I chose to replace the marimba part with the sampled
natural sounds from glass. I borrowed the AKG C414 to record the sounds from glass; each glass sound has its own frequency determining which note it is on the piano;I would be playing a note on the piano app while pouring water and hitting the glass. After recording, I then patched the audio clips of the glass sounds to my MIDI keyboard using the EXS24 Plugin and orchestrated the part.  Each note I played on the MIDI keyboard triggered the audio clips I patched instead of assembling each audio clip manually. When all the sounds were
recorded, I then wrote the lyrics, tracked vocals, and did a final mix.

Spring 2018 Culmination Project