To be able to accomplish this project successfully, I will record all the parts of each instrument on Logic Pro X but before doing so, I will start off with the main instrument which is the piano then record the drum part using the MIDI keyboard that triggers drum set sounds from Logic Pro X’s sound library so that I can have a steady tempo and beat while I layer in the rest of the parts. When I’m done constructing the whole song, I will then pick a part/instrument to replace with the sampled natural sounds from glass. To do so, I will need to borrow or rent an AKG C414 to record sounds from glass; each glass sound will have its own frequency determining which note it is on the piano. After recording, I will then use the audio interface Motu Ultralite to patch the audio clips of the glass sounds to my MIDI keyboard so that each note on the MIDI keyboard will trigger the audio clips I patched when I record instead of assembling each audio clip manually. When all the sounds are recorded, I will then write lyrics, track vocals, do a final mix, and obtain copyright for the song before releasing it to Youtube, Soundcloud, and Facebook.