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Team Vocabulary – Weekly

Vocabulary List:

  • Added August 29 2011: by Prof. Paul King
Team Work: A coordinated effort by a group of two or more with a common goal or objective.
Rotation: Jenny’s Turn
Terms                                  Definition
  • Node- Its a point where you stop and make a decision. (Jenny)
  • Case Study -When you present a research you’ve been working on. (Jenny)
  • Iterations- A possibility or option. (Jenny)
  • Verbose –When your saying to much of something. (Jenny)
  • Asset –advantages (Yerina)
  • Liability –disadvantages (Yerina)
  • Iteration- an option (Yerina)
  • Circulation –transportation (Yerina)
  • Parametric- criteria (Yerina)
  • Hostny- hierarchy (Yerina)
  • Hatch- poch, to cut through it (Yerina)
  • Poche-An architectual word that simply means shading. In a floor plan, the parts that are shaded between the walls, show the thickness of a wall. So in other words, all the dark plack parts in the plan is poche. (Tina)
  • Family- Category of items (Jordan)
  • Madular- A set standard (Jordan)
  • Egress- A path of opening for going out/ or exiting (Jordan)
  • Hosted- To hold (Jordan)
Rotation: Tina’s Turn.¬† Added September 22, 2011
  • Racking– Moving back and forth; movement when you have a square joint. (Tina)
  • Boelarks- small pole like figures that are in the ground used for preventing cars from comming in specific areas, used for saftey. (Tina)
  • Shop Drawings– drawings of a structure that is sent to the particular shop that is going to make it (steel shop, wood shop, etc.) which gets approved from architects. (Tina)
  • Hiden Line- hide the elements behind it (Yerina)
  • Shaden- when an element is in black, gray and white (Yerina)
  • RFA– Revit Family (Yerina)
  • Pile Cap- its a thick concrete mat that rests on concrete or timber piles that have been driven into soft or unstable ground to provide a suitable stable foundation (Yerina)
  • Baker Rod– to caulk joints (Jordan)
  • Galvanized– coated with a sheet of protection. (Jordan)
  • Copper Pin– to keep nut from moving. (Jordan)
  • Parapet-Its a wall-like barrier that is located at the edge of a roof. (Jenny)

Rotation : Yerina’s Turn. Added october 5, 2011

  • Reveal- Either side surface of an aperture in a wall for a door or window. (Yerina)
  • Sweep- A long, swift, curving movement. (Yerina)
  • Isometric- In drafting is designating a method of projection in which a three-dimensional object is represented by a drawing¬† having the horizontal edges of the object drawn usually at a 30¬į angle and all verticals projected perpendicularly from a horizontal base, all lines being drawn to scale. (Yerina)
  • Axonometric- In drafting is designating a method of projection¬† in which a three-dimensional object is represented by a drawing having all axes drawn to exact scale, resulting in the optical distortion of diagonals and curves. For instance, isometric, dimetric and trimetric. (Yerina)
  • Cope- Is to bend something as an arch or vault. (Jenny)
  • Weep- It is a small opening left in the outer wall as an outlet to allow water that’s inside the building to move outside and evaporate. (Jenny)
  • ASTM- American Society for Testing and Material. (Jordan)
  • Dry well- Hole dug near foundation designed to dispose of storm water. (Jordan)
  • Percolation test- Verify the soils ability to absorb water. (Jordan)
  • Realistic– Realistic rendering. (Tina)

Rotation: Jordan’s Turn.¬† Added October 13, 2011

  • Call Out– Calling out a particular part of a plan. (Tina)
  • Truss– Supporter to hold up a roof. (Tina)
  • Gaucing- allows a fences and bricks to move independently. (Yerina)
  • Legend- the part of a drawing explaning the meaning of the symbols used to code the architectural drawing. (Yerina)
  • Adendom- When you change something in a drawing. (Jenny)
  • Osnap- Object snaps, to help you find the end or mid point. (Jenny)
  • Dead Load-Weight of the building itself, and anything¬†that’s¬†fixed to it.. (Jordan)
  • Vapor Barrier- A plastic sheet, that helps keep water away from the foundation. (Jordan)
  • Concrete Key- Indentation in the concrete footing to lock in the foundation wall. (Jordan)


Rotation: Jenny’s Turn. Added October 26, 2011

  • Control Joint– joint that controls cracking. (Tina)
  • Aesthetic– how something looks, the beauty of it. (Tina)
  • Crawl Space- Open space under you main floor flab. (Jordan)
  • Tie Beams- Prevents differential slipping between footings. (Jordan)
  • Under Pinning- Method used to stabilize and¬†strengthen foundation of an¬†existing¬†building. (Jordan)

Rotation: Tina’s Turn. Added October 27,2011

  • Block– A family, like in Revit. (Tina)
  • Linked Copy– block of something in which what ever you do to one, the others automatically changes to match the 1st one. (Tina)
  • Partition- an interior wall barrier dividing a room, area of a building, enclosure, etc., into separate areas. (Yerina)
  • TryCAD- is a 2D drawing and 3D modelling software specifically designed for the Australian Education and Training Market. (Yerina)
  • Studs– any of a number of slender, upright members of wood, steel, etc., forming the frame of a wall or partition and covered with plasterwork, siding, etc. (Yerina)
  • Building Paper- (Thick paper impregnated with asphalt) used to protect plywood on wood framed walls. (Jordan)
  • Anti Graffiti Coding- Layer that protects the stucco from any paint. (Jordan)
  • Photovoltaic Glass- Glass that converts sunlight to electricity. (Jordan)

Rotation: Yerina’s Turn.¬† Added November 1, 2011

  • E W– Within window. (Tina)
  • E C– Crossing window. (Tina)
  • E F– Fence. (Tina)
  • C P– Crossing polygon. (Tina)
  • W P– Within polygon. (Tina)



Rotation: Jordan’s Turn. Added November 8, 2011

  • Origin–¬† a point in the middle, or corner of an object that changes the size of the object. (Tina)
  • Z E– Zoom and extent. (Tina)
  • Rapidograph- Technical pen used to make lines of constant widths. (Jordan)
  • Hinge Joint- A¬†elbow Joint used to bind articular Surfaces together.(Jordan)
  • Live Load- Anything Movable (wind,snow,ice,rain on roof) (Jordan)
  • LTSCALE- Line Type scale (Yerina)
  • Annotation- to add text/notes, graphics, symbols, poche into the drawing (Yerina)

Rotation: Jenny’s Turn. Added November 18, 2011

  • Rapidograph- very special ink pen with a diamond point use to draw (Yerina)
  • Curtain Walls- is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep out the weather (Yerina)

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