A Course by Prof. Paul C. King

About My Team

This team is composed by the following members:

*Yerina Contin Mendoza, who was attracted to Architecture since she was just a little girls, wondering how a building was compound, how the electric cables go in, how every opening and how the ceiling was made. She likes to paint, dance and spend time with her friends. As a student and a team member her greatest strength is determination; when is has set up a goal, she achieves it no matter the obstacle. She likes to cooperate and also have everything well done if not perfect. In addition, as a student and as a team member what she most wants to improve is her knowledge in any design program that her major required such as CADD.

*Jordan Esson, whose Father is the one that introduced him to architecture; he is an Architect himself. He has always enjoyed watching him designing his buildings, then bringing them to life. Moreover, Jordan finds his father as an icon and wish to be just like him in the future. He also loves architecture. He likes any spectacular buildings, bridges, and has always dreamed of building a building of his own. Furthermore, he enjoys doing a Brazilian martial art, called Capoeira and has been practicing for around 6 years now, hanging out with friend, and just relaxing. In addition, He is very outgoing, determined, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Also, he intends to improve his awareness in aspects such as being knowledgeable of CADD and Rivet programs.

Jenny Garcia, who when was little she would watch these programs on TV that talked about buildings and showed buildings all around the world. She was fascinated by the details in these buildings and has always wanted to be a part of the process of designing incredible buildings. She likes to read books, hang out with friends, to play music whether it is singing or playing an instrument and to spend time on the computer. Furthermore, she is determined and driven to do her best. She is able to learn fast and also would like to help people . She wants to improve her skills in CADD and Rivet and wants to have a better knowledge on graphics of architecture.

Tina Fredericks considers herself very creative.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and basically designing and creating just about anything that captures her interest.   To put her skills and enjoyment to good work, she decided to major in Architecture.  She knows in architecture, there is a lot of designing involved and drawing.  On her free time she likes to paint.  She does water color most of the time.  As a team member and student, she believes her abilities to be creative can be an asset to her group.  Our group’s projects will be creative.  Also as a team member and student, she would like to improve her ability to work harder and have a better and clearer understanding of the materials we need to know in order to pass this course.


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