UPDATED_Team learning

We have added the weeks we were missing, bringing us up to date.
-sorry for not keeping up with out task.

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Powerpoint presentation slide to be edit and completed

Hey guys attached are the slides you guys have to each fillin your case study proposal and add your pictures . Today I did the collage in the slide with my pictures I also worked on the powerpoint in the morning from 9:40 – 11:30 in the 834 lab in the V building. Sorry guys I lost all my files I just tried opening my ubs and I cant open anything I think my usb got crashed : (  oh no

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Clean Up / Edit

Today our group cleaned up our Website site page except for the pictures from the survey. We reorganized all of our post on to the actual teams site corresponding tabs.  We added the previous weeks vocabulary, meeting log and completed last week questions. And we helped Victor redo his Revit file. And we are going to exchange each others file.

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Team 1 – Site Survey Photos

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Welcome to your Team’s Learning Community Website!

This site is for your team!

Rules of the game are simple – use this site to help you work as a team.  Keep the existing pages but feel free to add additional pages or change the look and feel of the site by choosing a different theme.

Review all the existing pages as a team so that you understand what goes where.  If you have a question speak up!

Update the site weekly –

Keep track of your research and discussions –

Post your presentations –



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