Team 1 – Extra Credit


Team 1 – Extra Credit Outline

Hey everyone if you’re wondering how to access here are some simple steps that you can follow through to be successful at signing in and being ready to start.

1) First of all if you’re a 1st time user, make sure you have your Citytech E-mail.And if you don’t know your citytech email don’t panic it’s easy and simply just continue to follow through.


Your default password = MM/DD/YY and your last 4 digits of your social security

After completing this step you can now go into the internet

2) Go to the internet and your URL =

Scroll down to where it said sign up and just follow the steps that are provided there for you

3) Once you complete the steps it will send you a conformation email to your citytech email accept that and follow the link

4) Then log in to Openlab > click Course > Architecture technology > Learning Community 1200 + 1290

And on the right side click on Membership Request

5) Once you’re accepted from the Prof.

You can add your team mates by going to Users and then you can send out invites to them by providing their citytech email AND make sure you send them the invite in the appropriate team number website.

Now your finally done enjoy the website it’s helpful to be in communicating with your teammates and the Prof.


What does jpeg stand for ?

It stands for Joint Photography Experts Group

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