Internship Journal #4

March 22, 2013
This week was filled mostly with adult and children prophys with x-rays, but there was one interesting case in between. A woman presented with multiple retained roots on the right side of her maxilla, also with most of her teeth missing. I assisted the resident while she extracted three roots, which was a pretty quick procedure. I did not say anything in front of the patient but I was really curious as to what happened to her. The doctor informed me that she used to be living in a violent relationship and after repeated beatings she had lost her teeth and some of the crowns broke right off. I was so sad for her, but the doctor assured me that her living situation was better now, that is why she is able to get her oral cavity repaired. I think it is very important to recognize the signs of abuse we learned in seminar with Dr. Archer. Even if there is nothing I can do to help that situation except recommend a woman’s shelter, at least when we become registered hygienists we will be mandated reporters and can report child abuse to the NYS Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment.