My Philosophy of Nursing

My Philosophy of Nursing


After High School,  I can honestly say that my first choice for a career was not Nursing.  For over  ten years,  I was working at a Diplomatic Mission.  In the beginning,  it was quite exciting , a world that I did not know  anything about,  the dealings of the United Nations, Peace-keeping Missions, Resolutions, Embargos etc.  Ten  years and a family of my own later,   I looked back at my life, I  was not satisfied, then I decided to go back to  school.

As a nurse,  I love dealing with people.  The reward is almost instantly. You give care and the patient automatically feels better, sometimes it only takes turning and positioning to get instant  reward.

Nurses are  known to being critical thinkers, they use concepts and principles  to analyze and assess,  and also  enhance their practice.   Nurses are guided by  the human virtues  such as:  integrity, humility,  civility and  empathy. Nurses are very trusted.   We  use that trust  for the betterment of our profession.

Nurses are able to deal with problems, reason  critically and creatively to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner.  Nurses adapt to change quickly, as required by our practice what you have to work with may not be there the next minute, we learn to improvise, the work must be done.   We appreciate another person view which makes it easier to consult with each other.

By using the nursing process, nurses are able to meet patient’s health care and nursing needs.  In our profession, we want to establish a therapeutic rapport with our patients, this relationship bring trust and healing.  I want to bring Watson’s human caring, kindness, concern and love of self and others to my work ,  to be fully present with my patients, not working with detachment, not seeing them as a bed number, but as a human being with  hope and dreams,  accomplishments,  fear, expectations etc.

My philosophy of  Nursing is to advocate health promotion, and safety for my patients.  Teaching  the  importance of  enabling  people to  take  control over their health .  To encourage a smoker to stop smoking or an obese patient to embrace better eating habits, to exercise, to use self- control to attain self- healing.  To me nursing is all that and more, but still gives the client the autonomy, the power to make his own decision toward his health goals.