At the beginning of the semester, when we started our clinical orientation  at Delete Blood Cancer,  it was very exciting.   It was something new.  Delete  Blood Cancer’s  mission is to organize  bone marrow drive to find a match for patients with blood cancer.  Our objective was to help by conducting our own drives on campus. We did not know exactly what to expect with our students demographic when we were going to plan our drives.  Will people respond or not?  We had two drives planned, we ended up doing three.   I went in with  high  expectation.  I could not ignore the reality of how difficult it also is to find a match for patients with blood cancer.

Knowing what we know, we opened shop.  For all three drives, we worked a lot, talking to people to get the information out.   We gave pamphlets, we put posters out etc..  Even though the response was less than we expected, we were very happy with the result.  We know that every single person that registers to become a donor means that someone is closer to be matched and hopefully be saved.

Objective 1: Demonstrates individual professionalism through personal behaviors and



I Maintained client confidentiality:  When registering the potential donors for the bone marrow

drive, we made sure that we kept every one’s personal information safe.  I assumed responsibility for my  own learning by doing the reading,  participating in class and also be present at the clinical site. I prepared for clinical learning by working on the topics discussed  at  clinical,  and also having discussion with  the group.   I tried to submit my assignment within the  designated time.  When I don’t understand a question I ask help from my professor for clarification. Participated actively in clinical conferences every time we meet.  Attended clinical punctually and in accordance with school Policy.   I was dressed professionally for clinicals.


Objective 2: Employ analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills when providing

care to individuals and families in the community setting.


Uses client interview, nursing and medical records, staff

nurses and other health professionals to collect client

information: N/A to my clinical.


Assessed the impact of developmental, emotional, cultural, religious and spiritual influences on the client’s health status:  During the drive we encountered a Jehovah’s witness who said bluntly that she will not participate because she will not give her blood for anything.  We had to respect that.. Collects significant data relevant to client’s self-care needs: N/A to my clinical

Completes a physical assessment of selected clients: N/A to my clinical

I prioritized care based on analysis of data while doing our drive, for example which group to see and when, who was going to class or coming out, about who to approach.  Applied priority-setting in planning nursing interventions by deciding how to fix our tables.  Implements safe, appropriate nursing interventions in a timely manner. N/A. Administers medications and treatments safely: N/A . We had to evaluate our drives, what we could do better next time.  Is reflective about practice. Modify client care as indicated by evaluation of client outcomes. N/A  Utilized principles of personal safety when working in the community setting by  putting away the swabs was dealing with bodily fluid, we managed to do it safely as not to touch the swabs.


Objective 3: Effectively communicate with diverse groups and disciplines using a

variety of strategies regarding the health needs of individuals and families in the

community setting.


I utilized therapeutic communication skills with individuals and families in the community setting while educating the public about bone marrow donation.  I utilized appropriate channels of communication to prepare for the drives; we used posters, newsletters, school newspaper etc.  Communicated clearly and effectively with instructor, peers and the health care team, reported regularly to our instructor. I Communicated significant data to instructor and the health care team: our instructor was made aware of every decision, plan, progress we made.  Adapted communication skills to the developmental needs of the client:  Communication skills are very important to conduct a drive, we had to plan how to approach people and deliver the message. Reported and documents assessments and nursing interventions accurately: N/A.


Objective 4: Establish environment conducive to learning and use a plan for learners

based on evidence-based practice.


Develops and implements a teaching plan for an adult and/or family in the community setting. N/A 2. Establish environment conducive to learning. N/A 3. Evaluates client/family learning outcomes. N/A


Objective 5: Utilize informational technology when managing individual and families in

the community.


I utilized principles of nursing informatics in the clinical area: I used the blogs, open Lab, blackboard, e portfolio,  etc. Using the blog was very informative, to share our experiences. Maintained  strict confidentiality with client records: The potential  donor application were kept safe. HIPPA Laws were always observed.


Objective 6. Demonstrate .a commitment to professional development


Used appropriate current literature in planning care for clients, in the community setting N/A in my clinical.  I assume responsibility for lifelong learning:  My learning experience benefits me and my career; I do intend to continue  to  learn. Nursing is an evolving profession, we learned something new every day and we want to keep learning if we want to serve our clients fairly.


When I think about my clinical experience, I was very apprehensive in the beginning, not knowing what to expect about doing the drives, but in the end, once we started everything fell into place.  We have been able to address people from different background; it has not really been that scary.  Personally, for some time, I was somewhat unhappy of our result.  The other day it came to me, I did look at it all wrong, I looked at it with a very different perspective.  I brought in it my personal point of view, being a mother and a nurse.  Then I realized that knowledge deficit is what it is, you cannot force people to commit to something they don’t know about even with the best intentions.   In the end, people had to make their own decision, we could not force them to do anything.  Now I am at peace with that.

Over all it was a very important experience, we learned a lot by working together.  We learned how to organize drives and more importantly it opened our eyes to other people’s situation, how important it is to get involve as a human being.  We also acquired new knowledge about blood cancers and bone marrow donation.

I had to work with a wonderful group of people, my class mates.  We were very supportive of each other; maybe that is why we worked well together.  The harmony made it really look easy.

I am committed to adjusting to the challenges of independent practice in community health nursing:  When I look at the turn Nursing is taking, I would like to take more interest in Community Nursing in the future; I am committed to learning more.


Objective 7. Incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability into practice

Even though we were not in a hospital setting, I always conducted myself as a professional at the clinical setting or on campus.¬† The American Nurses Association Standards are never forgotten.¬† ¬†¬†We are always aware that as nurses we are accountable for our actions. ¬†I am aware of the assigned Agency‚Äės mission to educate and register people to become potential donors and also encourage people to ¬†donate as much as they can to support the cause.




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