For Heller, the issue of mainstream vs. subterranean is essential in current design because, despite the style’s popularity, designers often duplicate or steal ideas. Heller introduces the argument in the paragraph that current design became significant because marketers were continuously looking for new methods to express themselves and relied on modern culture to do it. Some concepts were created by artists but were either borrowed or significantly changed to give the appearance of originality.

Where do For my final project, I will go into detail about Herbert Bayer’s work, and how his work changed the design society. The works that I will be addressing fits in this dichotomy because for the works that I will talk about, as many of Bayer’s works have sparked either a civic discussion or controversy in our society. “Advertising has been a favored target for social critics.”

The underground designs had no formal link with the designs that came to mind. They did, however, emerge as a byproduct in order to divert the public’s attention. It is in fact, that the underground appears to have just two options for dealing with the mainstream: join it or change it. The underground will either adhere to or disconnect from the ideology provided, depending on the individual and the ideology presented.

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