Community Service Project

Children’s Cavity Care to Prevent Early Childhood Caries

For our Community Service Project, I instantly knew that I wanted to do a presentation on ECC, but the approach had to be different. We decided as a group to present to expecting mothers, instead of children, about ECC, as we know mothers to be the primary care givers, and they will truly take hold of their children’s oral hygiene at home. This topic especially hit close to home for me as I have a 2 year old son.

My responsibility in the project was the Implementation part. I also contributed most of the oral hygiene products that we presented (these were all items I personally used on my son). Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we could not present this information at the YMCA community center located in Greenpoint Brooklyn, instead we had the opportunity to present to our class mates.

Attached below are the paper, as well as the presentation.

Public Health Project (CCC to prevent ECC)