What is City Tech’s GenEdge?


The City Tech GenEdge is the result of years of effort by the college-wide curriculum development and the General Education Committee. We have taken the General Education requirements, the students’ needs, and the expectations of society to put together a meaningful approach to skills and attitudes we all need. This is the added benefit of culture and community our students and graduates deserve, and which helps them thrive as they enter the world as engaged citizens. It is the added boost our college provides to excel and the tools to be productive throughout our careers.

2017-2018 Theme: What is True?

On November 16th of 2016, Oxford Dictionaries announced that ‘post-truth’ was its 2016 International Word of the Year. In response, we invite you to explore the question “What is True?” in your classrooms. How do we decide what is true and what is false as individuals, as an institution, and as a society? How has our understanding of the truth evolved over time? What new truths have we adopted, and what old truths have we discarded? What do we hold true today that may not be true tomorrow? Answers to these questions may be elusive even after a lifetime of study, but our lives are enriched by the asking.

To see the full description of the 2017-2018 College Theme and to download our brochure click here: GenEdge_What_is_True_2017-2018

Explore submissions under this year’s theme here: What is True?

If you plan to incorporate any activities into the classroom that involve this year’s theme, please share your activity! Click HERE to submit your work, and be sure to share links to websites and documents that represent your assignment and the student work it produced. Also, be sure to click the “Gen Ed Theme: What is True?” category!

An online companion to the exhibit will be created on the OpenLab and work may be displayed there as well.

 We invite you to submit:

  • visual media, including print or digital images, video, models, or other three-dimensional work
  • student writing or assignments in all formats
  • reflections on the theme in your classes, projects, or clubs

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