Hello! You can call me Kefin Bryan Jr. I’m currently 22 years old. Where I come from is from the island of Jamaica and I was raised here in New York. and I was living in Jamaica, I was burned in a fire when I was 2 months old. I almost died a couple of times but thanks to my parents and my will, I’ve grown up and survived and moved on. I make a living by drawing, reading, and playing video games. I do tend to exercise at times during occasions. I occasionally dance all the time because I love it. I rarely sing too. 

I come to college working on becoming a communication design major so after I get my bachelor’s, I want to go into the animation field where I make comics and animation. If you are wondering, I have been drawing for 14 years. I don’t smoke nor drink, but there are times where I stay up late at night to watch videos on YouTube or just to look at memes to make me laugh. That’s all!