Week3 Journal

Kefin Bryan



My neighborhood may not be the most exciting in the world.  It’s immensely quiet, sometimes in the afternoon kids would go and play basketball and hang out, and parents will just take their kids to the park that’s in our neighborhood and play with them all day after they have come home from work and their children have come from school. You do have to have fun after all. Even better, there are delis all around and a hospital near by. Many people would call it a projects. I for one, will call it a projects as well. A quiet one in fact. Which leads to the type of text I see all around from the places I’ve mentioned.

There are some texts that you see here, for example, this Hospital sign of Ronald Brown. This gives off a vibe of San serif which is one of the most boring Styles up-to-date but interesting at the same time. Mostly clever for some aspects of it.


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