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Week 11 Agora Chat

In class we followed the agora chat tutorial, we had to create an account through the website. Then we had to follow the tutorial. I had to create a new unity project.

After I completed the tutorial, I had trouble with the camera. I noticed I didn’t include the right button tag. So I fixed it.

Below is the final result.

Response to A Cyborgs Manifesto.

While reading A Cyborgs Manifesto, I was confused about what Donna was saying but after reading it the second time it became a little clear. I think she is talking about the separation of technology and humans, animals. There was an interesting quote it states “Modern machines are quintessentially microelectronic devices: they are everywhere and they are invisible. Modern machinery is an irreverent upstart god, mocking the Father’s ubiquity and spirituality. ” What I like about this quote is that modern machines lack respect to god? I’m not really sure but it sure seemed like an insult.

My attempt on AR

I used ARTIVIVE for my first AR mini project. I used a piece of drawing I did on my ipad as you can see below. Then I used a gif of the same drawing. I then uploaded the image as a jpeg and then the mini clip as a gif on Artivive.

I was kinda disappointed because there wasn’t a lot to do with it. I will probably try to draw more 3d figures and see how it goes.

Project 1

I decided to add a menu screen for the user to see. It is titled “Welcome to My Terrain” below the title there is a play button. I used scripting to change the scenes when the button is clicked. I also included a new skybox to have a prettier sky.


HW 3/1/21

When I read the chapter it talks about a book, called Snow crash. I never heard about it, until now. It’s a science fiction book about computers. It’s a term that means someone hacking into a computer and crashing it. The author also compares it to humans, when humans get a virus, they fall apart. Later on it talks about if you combine humans and computers and the author thinks yes.Later on in the text it mentions different books like blood music and terminal games and talks about human evolution and devolution with technology.

Cybernetics Week 4

When I watched the video I didn’t understand the term cybernetics. After watching it, I learned that it can be applied to interaction design. But first I needed a clear definition of what cybernetics was. So I googled, “cybernetics definition” and according to google it is “the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.”. After reading the definition it makes sense because Paul Pangoro was explaining about the feedback systems received and the actions it does when it receives that feedback. Later on he talks about interaction design and he used his iphone as an example. He explained how when we see the notifications we automatically look to see what it is and then open our phones or we just tap on it or click the button to turn it is another form of interacting. I find it fascinating because he goes in depth into the choices that are applied in many things, such as websites ,apps, other forms of technology.

2/17/21 Terrain

I wanted to make a forest terrain based off the photo I looked up from google. I had a lot of fun making it. I used a lot of tall tress, some dark and dry grass. Some of the grass had flowers in them. I used some rocks and water for the pond. I also used some textures I saw online for the ground. However, my computer was running slow, so I did have a hard time editing and recording the video.

Video 1

Video 2

Reading Response 2/8/21

When I read the article, I was confused on what it was saying but what I understood is that it’s important to make sure the student understands what they’re being taught. A quote that I like “The former is the intelligence of the child, the learner—the one who is unable to know without explication and whose interpretive understandings, if any, are only a product of chance and habit. The latter, on the other hand, is the intelligence of the teacher, the explicator—the one who by explaining strives to lead the learner towards an understanding of what was not known to the learner earlier.” The quote talks about the understanding of the student and the teacher. I think it’s also important to consider that the teacher should have an open mind when teaching.


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