Paint Music



Final Designs

TouchOSC Grid

TouchOSC /multiXY grid to collect the data


Updated TimeLine


Updated Budget

Original Prototype

Testing the original prototype. I used copper tape,wires,and touchBoard microController

Progress Report 3

3/8 I had another meeting my T.A(JoshCorn)

I told her that I decided to go with using TouchOSC. For me, It was easier to approach and I can probably figure out the code.

Later I realized I was struggling with connecting the touchOSC from my Ipad to my Laptop. Later on in the week, I had another meeting to troubleshoot. I wrote some code on connecting the grid to processing.

All of this was new and overwhelming, coding is one of my challenges and I had to read and reread a lot of the time to understand it. Luckily I understood some of the basics but not the logic part.

Once I got the data part working and the single line stroke, i needed sound. Again my TA suggested looking into SoundCipher, which is another library that has midi sounds, notes, chords, instruments etc. I was able to implement that onto the brush and it worked!!!

I realized that it looked too bland and I had enough time to code more brushes, add more sound, and fix the UI.

The rest of April was mostly coding and designing.

Progress Report 2

On 3/2/23 I had a meeting with my TA.

First, we had to fix the board

The problem with the alligator clips, the touch board was not detected of the alligator clips.

So the professor was resetting the touch board, then it was able to detect the other end of the alligator clip.

Fixed some code

He was fixing some of the code. The new code has a better sense of the board’s touching.

It was also easier to read the serial monitor.

We talked about moving in a different direction.

The problem with the copper tape was that if it was originally designed with a grid, there would’ve been too much contact with the tape and the serial monitor wouldn’t have a way to know which part of the grid is detected if there was too much data being received.

Talked about different options

So basically, he suggested different options to go with my idea.

  1. Go with a flower design, so the grid can be easier to detect the brush strokes
  2. the second option was to cut the copper into thin pieces but that is a lot of work and the resolution wouldn’t be the same.
  3. T
  4. Touchosc – is an app that has a lot of cool tools, like midi and other items.

Final Decision

I decided to go with the touch OSC, it’s going to be faster and it only costs 10 dollars :

Poster Draft

I am currently trying to figure out how to code my project. I moved on from building the project from scratch. Originally I wanted to create a mini touch screen using the touch board, copper tape, and wires. But I later realized that it’s kinda complicated to do so. So I will be using an app called  TouchOsc which is an app. It has all different types of tools such as Midi controllers and other tools. 

It’s easier to use and I will be trying to figure out how to collect the data.

here is a draft of my Poster

Progress Report 1

I talked to TA about my project. He suggested different ideas for creating it. I wanted Paint Music to be a mini interactive installation. I wanted to be able to build it. So the approach I’m going for is using a touch board, some wires, and copper tape. There was a tutorial I had to follow, that created a 6×6 grid made of copper tape, and they used a similar microcontroller and they used Python for the graphics instead of processing. 

I followed the tutorial, but there were some complications to it I had to adjust some code to the program, then the board was not sensing the end of a wire. I think I will have to meet with my TA and figure out a solution.