Evaluation Sensation

Knowing that I’m almost done with my internship is going to be a tough one on me. I really enjoyed working at a fancy loft with a ping pong table and unlimited ice cream. Creating and designing New York Apps is something I can see my self doing in the near future. My goals are to take entrepreneurship classes at LIU and become a business owner for children’s books. What I grasped out of this learning experience through my internship is that its all about the people you meet and associate with. In the design world you can be the most horrible artist and have an incredible job all through that one person who said your name as a reference. I learned how to use a website to code my designs and to articulate my creations when uploading them to the site. I was pleased to work with my supervisor Khalidi because I  felt very comfortable to speak to him.

This whole experience has opened up my eyes for the real world. As I am almost complete with my internship hours my supervisor has sent me and my internship professor my evaluation form. I am proud of myself with the results. On the evaluation form everything was checked as excellent. Hard work really pays off and this experience has given me more motivation for the future. I will always keep working hard no matter how difficult it might get there will always be a way. I received an interview with another company to intern from as well for the fall semester. I am looking forward to my bright future.