The Plug

So most of you all know by now I work at an Amazon Pop-Up Loft in downtown Soho. The area is an open space which we share with other companies that need to get their work done as well. The other companies are mainly start-ups, there are creative directors and a lot of small businesses within the space. I like working among that environment because it can lead to a connection for future jobs. By a certain time at the loft the place gets really packed where seats and other areas of the loft become occupied. After my workshop at City Tech I returned to work and had to sit at a really crowded table. The people are really friendly and didn’t mind. Turns out I was sitting next to another person that was creating applications just like me. I asked him for what specific company does he create applications for and he said he creates it for events like raves. I was very interested and proceeded to ask him questions. He said he creates applications for huge raves like EDC, Electric Zoo, EDM, etc. I was already pumped that he creates apps for raves that people pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket. In the end I introduced him to a rave he never heard of before called Pizza Zoo. He was very interested in creating an App for them now. We exchanged emails so that i can send him a link on more information about the rave. The last question I asked him was if he received free tickets to party at those raves and his response was yes! This was my first encounter in making a connection with someone at the office and i am very open to making more.