About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Kenn Vincent Kongyingyong.  And this is a little bit about how I went into nursing and what I love about nursing

Nursing was never the first choice as a profession for me. I dreamed to become a doctor, or an architect, or maybe an accountant. Nursing found me when I was at the crossroad of my college career. When I had to make a decision as a young adult on to where my life was going. My mother was the one to plant the seed of nursing in my mind. She herself was a nurse, a nurse that enjoyed catering to the sick and needy. I saw the joy that nursing brought to my mom, which is when I decided that nursing was for me. I decided that I want to serve people, to take care of them when they are at their worst, and to bring out the best in each individual whatever ethnic group they are from.

As a nurse, I want to provide each individual that I will be taking care off the best care possible. I do not want to only treat their physical condition, but as well as the psychological, and spiritual aspect. As nurses, we must provide each individual the best care, but we would not be able to do so alone. Nurses must work with other discipline and collaborate to ensure that the outcome of the treatment is the best it can be. There is no I in team, we must not only treat our patients with respect, but we must also show the same level of respect to our staff. From the doctors, physical therapist, nursing aide, and even the clerks, they deserve nothing but our respects. We must never stop learning; nursing is a profession that keeps on evolving. We must continue to grow to be able to provide the best care.

As nurses we will never stop learning, we must take each day as an opportunity to positively affect another individuals life. We must strive to continue to work with our partners in the health care field to provide the most ethical care possible. We must continue to serve each individual as a unique person who demands the same level of respect as us. In the end of the day, I want nurses to be able to say that the care we provided is as equal as the care that we want to receive if we are in their position.