Only two working days of class left!

Next week December 4th and 6th are the last two classes where we do work.  We will focus on your details.  Each of you must complete two detail sheets like the sample below by Sunday Dec 3rd (this Sunday).  One is to focus on the solid wall and the second on the curtain wall.

You must have both.  Your final presentation will include more than just these two sheets of details.  This is the minimum.  Please take this deadline seriously.

This sample shows matching elevation/section/plan all at 1 1/2″ scale and isometrics at 1″ scale.  You should also look to add detail items and annotations.  I will create an upload on blackboard.  If you do not meet this deadline you will have a difficult time meet the deadlines for final presentation which will occur on December 11th and 13th.


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