Due for next class (1130 class)

Please try to complete as much of the work as possible.  We did not get to go through the assignments in as much detail as I like.

  • Team Interview Slide – Posted on OpenLab
    Take a selfie of each of you.  Come up with some questions and interview eachother.  The assignment is to complete a single PowerPoint slide with information about your team mates.  If any team does not complete this before class –  we will start with this as an in-class assignment on Wednesday.
  • Team Schedule – Signed – Posted on OpenLab
    Using the work document template (click here) put together your own schedule.  The compare notes and create a proposed team schedule.  When you are agreed print it – sign it and post it on OpenLab.
  • Project Selection (have 2-3 choices in order – no posting needed)
    The projects are on the S: drive available from any computer in the department.  Please review them before next class.  We will be selecting term projects during class.
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