PDF – AR.3510.DesignV Fall.2013 Assignment.01

Assignment 01.01   Family Portrait

  • Random selection of family members.
  • Imagine your family and answer the following three questions:

Family Makeup:

  • Describe each family member.
    Provide a Family & Individual Names, Ages, Likes & Dislikes, Occupations & Hobbies, etc.

 Community Activities & Participation:

  • How do the members of your family participate as members of their greater community either individually or as a group?
  • What community resources do they rely upon?
  • What community services if any do they provide?

 Priorities and Goals:

  • What is most important to your family either individually or as a group?
  • What are their priorities?
  • What are their short and long term goals?

Due in Class – Post on OpenLab and Print & Present your 11 x 17 family portrait for class discussion

 Assignment 01.02   Interior/Exterior Facade Study Models

  • Assignment 01.02
  • Quick Model Building Sketches – Interior Residential Wall – In Class

Develop and Present a minimum of 3 alternatives working with 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  Cut out; fold, etc. to imagine how the shapes you create may become parts of a residential unit.  Consider both sides.

  • You cannot waste any materials.  Anything you cut out must be used elsewhere.
  • Focus on a single plane – the long wall with dimensions of 20”0″ long x 9′-5″ high.
  • Work to scale at 1/2″ = 1′-0″
  • Post digital photographs of your models on OpenLab with a written description by days end.
  • Home work assignment – Chipboard Model Building Sketches – Interior/Exterior Residential Wall

Continue to develop the study models following the same rules but build your models from chipboard not just paper.  Work with your three most successful options from class and develop three additional iterations of each of these for next class.  You will have a total of 9 sketch models.

Build a slotted base to scale that is meant to hold two walls parallel to each other at 8’, 12’, 14’ and 16’. It must be built so the walls can be removed and exchanged and that two parallel walls can be studied at different distances from each other. All models must be kept and documented photographically. 

(Do not discard – even the ones you consider a failure – bring them to class and final presentation)

(Post all of your images on OpenLab – categorize entry by assignment and your name)

 Due posted the night before the next class – bring models to class for discussion and critique.


PDF – AR.3510.DesignV Fall.2013 Assignment.02

Assignment 02.01   Materials & Ergonomic Development Study 1

  • In Class – Materials and Ergonomic Studies – Interior/Exterior Studies

Select one of your models to begin to investigate both materials and ergonomics.  Research and identify materials options – the client has asked you to provide three options.  Produce a 11 x 17 materials board.  Focus on interior materials first and then exterior materials.  You may need more than one 11 x 17 board to complete the study.  Be thorough – remember the goal is to show the client options so you can get feedback to continue the project.

Produce a second 11 x 17 board that studies the ergonomics of your design.   Produce plan and sectional ergonomic studies at the same scale as your models..  Remember that your family members are of different ages and sizes.

Other considerations:

What is the lighting, artificial or natural?

What is the durability & resiliency of your material choices?

Are your choices sustainable?

How will you integrate mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems?

To complete the assignment you need to provide a thorough report – give the reasoning that led to your choices.  What are the advantages/disadvantages of the options?

Please post by the end of class.


Assignment 02.02  Materials & Ergonomic Development Study 2 – Homework

  • Assignment 02.02
  • Homework assignment – Materials and Ergonomic Studies – Interior/Exterior Studies

Continue to develop the study you began in class.  Post the updated study as part you homework.

Select two other distinct options and develop these as well in the same level of detail.  If you care not satisfied with your base designs go back 1 step and work on developing a good base study first before you complete the materials research.  It will help if you consider what type of space you are creating and your three studies should be different space types (kitchen, sleeping, working, etc.)

Illustrate each of these models by building a 3D model in the cad program of your choice.  Add additional details as necessary to clarify your intent. Present these images as another 11 x 17 board.

The same considerations of the first study are also required.

Presentation will include:

3 – Study models                            (photographs posted on OpenLab- bring ALL models to class)

3 – 11 x 17 materials boards            (Show both interior and exterior materials)

3 – 11 x 17 rendered images           

Must be posted the night before class begins.


  • Formation of master planning groups/teams
  • Assignment 03.01
  • Write your own storm story – Imagine how your family has been affected by the storm.
  • Discuss among your team and answer the following three questions:

Family Makeup:

  • Will the family makeup or occupants of the house you are to design be affected by the storm?

Community Activities & Participation:

  • What is the effect of the storm on your community?
  • What critical activities or resources in the community does your family need to get by?
  • What critical activities can you engage in or what resources can your family provide to help the community?
  • How are we connected?
  • What sustains a community?

Priorities and Goals:

  • How has the storm affected the priorities and goals of your family either individually or as a group?
  • Have their priorities changed or shifted?
  • Have their short or long term goals changed or shifted?

Due for next Class – You will be given time for group discussion followed by a focused period of time to discuss your own storm story.  Work directly on OpenLab to post your story & consider including images.  Compile images of the storm and your family on a new 11 x 17 board.  Highlight excerpts of your story and add these to the board.

Using Microsoft Word paste each of the questions above and write out thoughtful essay answers.  Take your time as you will be considering these questions over and over during the completion of this project.

Post the following on OpenLab the night before the next class:

  • Your Storm Story
  • Your Storm Essay Q & A
  • Your new Family Board – Post Storm

Print & be prepared to present your 11 x 17 family portraits & essay Q&A for class discussion.

During next class we will begin site research.

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