The Smith Experience

The rain brings the beginning of the storm. During the past week we tried to prepare our self’s as much as possible. At first I thought that this storm would not pass close to us and we would be fine but as day passed by and hour cero approached my initial thought changed. I told my wife to make sure that her family had enough supplies and to tell them that we had enough space if they wanted to come and stay with us. We were able to collect enough food and water to last us at least two weeks.

We took a day off from work prior to the storm in order to make sure that we were all prepared. When the storm started Raphael got scared and cried for a long time. We tried to explain to him that everything was going to be fine however the noise of the branches and debris hitting the windows didn’t helped. During the storm power went off as evening approached. We made use of candles and flashlights. From our window we could see that the water level was getting higher and higher.I wasn’t sure for how long were going to be without power, we decided to save our cell phone battery and turned them off.The water flooded our basement, Barbara was afraid that it would reach us. I tried to be calmed and show a strong attitude but Mother Nature is no forced to be mess with. Luckily the rained stopped and the storm appeared to pass by. At the end we were happy and glad that we were all right. The stormed damaged some windows and the basement however all of that can be fixed.


The next day the scene was out of a movie; branches covered the street, some landed o top of cars and houses. We visited our neighbors to see how they were doing and to offer our help, after that we headed back home and wait for the power to get back up.

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