Taylor’s Sandy experience

  • David Taylor.
  • A new storm arrives to New York. As usual it’s time for me and Mary to make sure we are prepare, and have everything we need for the storm.  We went to the supermarket we got bottles of water, food and flashlights in case we get the energy service cut off . We didn’t know how strong this storm was going to be but we tried to be as peppered as possible.  The night of the storm was raining really hard, and the winds were stronger but we were acting as usual.  Mary was in the kitchen making diner while I was working in my studio, I remember the windows were very noisy by the winds blowing. The diner was served,  I stopped working and I went to the dining room with  Mary,  right after the diner we had planned to go watch our favorite a movie but suddenly the energy was cut off  right before we tuned on the TV. It was a good idea getting flashlights. I ask Mary to stay in the couch while I went get the flashlights, in her stage I couldn’t let her make a move until I got the flashlight, as sooner as got the flashlight we got together  and stayed in the couch for a couple of hours telling stories, and then we went to bed. The next morning I woke up and noticed that our basement was flooded and the trees across the street fall down, we also still didn’t have without power for few days, but we were lucky that our community didn’t have too much damages, because others were just destroyed by Sandy.
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