Logo History Report

The History of the Warner Bros. Logo.

The Warner Bros. logo had many different iterations but first started out in 1923 to 1929, as a shield with the initials W and B on the lower half of the shield with an image of their first location on 5842 Sunset Boulevard as well as the words “A Warner Bros. Production.Warner Bros. logo 1927During this time they had no color so it remained with the shades of white and black. The company used different variations of this logo for several of their films until they created a different one.

Twenty years later is when we see the logo we most commonly know. It was used in many movies from 1948 to 1967.

Warner Bros. logo 1948

It has the same basics use of using the initials WB inside the shield, now widened, with words Warner Bros. Pictures, instead of productions. The logo now being produced in color.They used this same logo for many different movies but the company encouraged filmmakers to alter the colors of the logo to suit their films.


Warner Bros. logo 1968

The W7 logo was created after the company was sold to Seven Arts Inc in 1967 and lasted to 1970.  The logo was dramatically changed to a simple W transforming to a 7 and the colors varied depending on what the filmmakers saw fit for their tone of movie.

Warner Bros. logo 1973

Designer Saul Bass created this design as a simple way to represent the company with a W. It was created in 1972 and lasted until 1984. During this time was the beginning of World War II, and the colors red, black, and white was seen as the colors of Nazism at the time was highly disapproved.In 1984 they reverted back to the logo from 1948. but with new age technology and ways to highly improve their logo. The logo seen below is the logo for the movie Where The Wild Things Are and it has the same aspects as before. Warner Bros. still encourages filmmakers to adjust the logo as they see fit to the tone of their film.

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