Quote project-01

The first of the three visual quote project. Its my best one.

The second of the visual quote project. I used images of what 50’s teens would be known as “squares” for the image. I believe it could have been better but I didnt know what to do.


Quote project-03

The third of the visual quote project. I love the design but I was completely unsure if it was good enough.


Three Concepts for Visual Quote 11/03/14

“Squares Got To Stick Together.” – Cry-Baby (1990) movie directed by¬†John Waters

Quote Graphic One
I chose this visual design for the quote because I liked how simple it brings one quote together. I didn’t have to write the word “squares”, I simply needed to draw out squares to represent the word. Its nice and simple exactly how squares are. This is one is one of my favorites, and it may or may not need improvement.
Quote Graphic Two
I decided on this design because there is at least one square touching another, sticking together. I tried to make this design work but I couldn’t come up with anything much else. I don’t like this one very much and needs improvement.
Quote Photo Concept
I chose this design because it demonstrates two people known as squares sticking together. I wanted different image but i could not find it. and I decided to try and make it work. The type needs massive improvement, I didn’t exactly know how to make it work.


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