6 photos that inspire me

This show is called Orange and this image inspired me because this show teaches you the true meaning of friendship.

This one is called persona 4 and this inspired me because this show mainly focuses on finding your true self and not be someone your not and when you act like yourself you attract people that are similar to you.

This one is a song but i found the cover image to it. The song is called Lean On Me. This is one of my favorite songs and its like every time i hear it i get emotional. This was one of the songs my late mother use to listen to too.

this is an image of Dragon Ball Z and this was one of the first animes i have ever watched when i was a kid and it’s all because of my mom that i watch anime so much now.

This anime is called Your Lie In April and this show inspired me to play the Piano.

This anime is Called One Piece and this inspired me to not give up on my dream and to work hard for what you want.