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Call for Applications: Emerging Scholars, Spring 2015

I am currently seeking students interested in becoming “emerging scholars” this Spring semester and who are interested in programming languages and/or software engineering research.

TheĀ research wouldĀ involve static analysisĀ and program transformation to help maintain existing software systems. The workĀ is normally yieldsĀ developer tools that are plug-ins to popular IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans. More information can be found onĀ my research pageĀ and, particularly,Ā my software page, which has some examples of previous tools. I would be interested in continuing some work on the open sourceĀ Convert Constants to EnumĀ Eclipse plug-in, which has several open issues, or starting on a new, similarĀ refactoringĀ tool. The advantage of working on the first tool would be to obtain some background on refactoring and code analysis in general. In either case, there may be some background reading required, depending on the previous experience of the candidate. Working on Eclipse plug-ins would also be a good experience as there are job postings that explicitly require candidates to have priorĀ EclipseĀ knowledgeĀ and would also benefit someone who would want to continue research in graduate school.

The application deadline is February 19. Please complete this formĀ if you are interested in applying.