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What I Have Learned In Class This Semester ?

In class this semester, I have learned many things I have not know before. I learned the basic principles and elements that make a design. Another thing I learned was how to use the knife a little bit better than before. During this semester I have learned how art and design can be different and the same. I learned that craftsmanship is always essential, so you have to be neat as possible when doing a project. If craftsmanship is not up to the standards than there is a chance that you would not get the grade you expect. Overall this class during the semester has taught me how to keep going , even when a project or a task seemed hard.

Extra Credit Assignment (OpenLab Workshop)

After the lesson on Openlab, I learned how to change the theme of my site. I also learned how to add and delete unnecessary menus on my site. I seen an example of a bad site which had tabs all over the place. It made it harder to choose where someone would want to go first. There was a good example too, where everything on the site was really organized. and in place. Another thing I learned was the plugins, before the workshop I did not understand what it was used for and I never used it either.

Assignment #5 (Project #1)

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After project # 1, I learned that you must occupy as much space as possible. I also learned that the craftsmanship is very essential when it comes to a project. This project has taught me that a simple design can become a wonderful pattern. It has helped me understand that all the cuts had to be very precise. The measurements played an important role in the project because it helped create the frames.

Assignment # 4 ( Found Texture)


This is a picture of my laptop’s mouse pad. The texture on it is really smooth and makes it easy to move around on the screen. I might use this type texture in a design project when I am painting. In painting, I would have to even out the paint which makes it smooth.

Assignment #3 (New York Times Article )

In the short article Alma Thomas: Abstractions Inspired by a Firm Grasp of Reality, it talks about how a retired teacher became inspired by the world. The world has inspired to become a artist at the age of 69. I think this article was interesting because she use a mosaic style of art to create her paintings. When artist use that style of art, they are also using some of the design elements and principles. Mosaic art is like putting a puzzle together to create an image that can be appealing to the views eye.

Introduction !

Hello my name is Kyanah Greaves. I am taking this class because it is required for my Major in Communication Design – Web Design . The type of work that inspires me is music and some artwork. Another thing that inspires me is my family.  My preferred design process is working on the computer and planned out. A type of project I would like to collaborating on is still undecided.