My name is Kimora, I’m currently a college student at CityTech majoring in communication design. Growing up, I’d explore different creative areas like: drawing, painting, photography, film, songwriting, script making, and acting. I’d never taken those things seriously to say “Oh, I want to make that my career” . It was more of hobbies and interests. You know things to do for fun. So after graduating H.S. and coming into college, I was at a loss on what I want to do in the future. I was undecided from quite some time in my majors, I was basically just taking class. 

Until over the Fall of 2020, when COVID happened, I had a lot of time in my hand, so I ended up revisiting my creative side and fell back in love. I’d taken a couple of pictures, made some drawings, etc. By the time Spring Semester was approaching, I decided to look into Communication Design. At first, I’d tried a few classes just to see what it would be like. I’d ended up liking it so I changed my major from Liberal Arts to Communication Design.