Video Project

Link to My Video Project:

In the beginning of this project, I wasn’t too sure about what kind of video I wanted to make, but I did know I wanted to show off the work I’ve done in this class and in other class previous before. So I decided to do like a video slideshow of my work. I was at a loss on an introduction on how to begin the video and after watching years of you tubers and their video. I thought maybe I should introduce myself and how I came to this point in my life as a designer. My experience making the video was not too difficult or hard, although I’d never used iMovie before or any Video Editor before, it was easy to follow when I figure out what does what and what goes where. And short Youtube’s tutorial also helped.

Personal Logo

My Personal Logo represent me by showing sophisticated, clean, simple, and organized. Before this class, I made this logo a long time ago for COMD 1127: Type and Media. I’d had no idea how to design a logo, but I knew that I wanted to be clean, simple, and sophisticated.

Virtual Field Trip: Art Gallery Report

In Digital Media Foundation, I’d explore the Nassau County Museum Exhibit Blu, and I’d came across so many different pieces of art from paint to sculpture mainly using the color blue. Looking at the collection, questions ran though my head “Why the color blue?What’s so special about the color blue?” Nassau County Museum explained the reason behind their Exhibit Blu, ” … Blue cast the spell, pushing beyond symbolism to a deeper emotional level, pulling us into its pure and distant mysteries. Every artist goes through it’s “blue period,” from its Mediterranean blues of Maltese and Yves Klein to the haunting auras of Rendon. Blue has been holy to Egyptians, Hindu, Chinese and Western tradition… As the exhibition exuberantly proves the power of blue transcendent art history…We are turning the entire museum over to the multimedia exploration of blue in many incarnations, it spans history and geography from previous lapis lazuli of antiquity to painting, photographs, pictures, sculptures, ceramics, cyanotypes, and fashion.”

Ethereal Evolution by Han Qin was made from cyanotype on paper. Ethereal Evolution was made with the collaboration of friends who emigrated. They used dance-inspired poses on huge sheets of rice paper washed with a solution to enhance the mysterious transitions from cyan to blue-purple as the rays of the sun project their shadows into it. You can see how well it created every detail of prints of the body features.

Venus Blur was made by a French Artist named Yves Klein. The sculpture was paint in his signature color IKB and made from plaster. Klein applied IKB with tools like hand brushes, airbrush, and sponges. In 1957, Klein’s blue monochrome became popular internationally in France, Germany, Italy and the United States. Klein used IKB on all sorts of objects, continuing on with his “Blue Revolution. Klein describe blue as “the invisible becoming visible”, to continuing on saying ” Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond the dimensions of which other colors partake.”

Buddha Mind was made Bettina WitteVeen, a Mannheim-born artist educated at Wellesley College who is a devout Buddhist. Her humanitarian project Heart of Darkness led her to start locating extraterritorial sites as a meadow of blue flowers on the site of a former Russian Gulag, a Native American Reservation. Buddha Mind is actually gold not blue. WitteVeen contrasts the symbolic solar gold of the rational, “Day Mind” with the blue “Night Mind,” lunar and female.

  • Discuss how a virtual experience of an exhibit compared to visiting a museum in person and write about whether you felt the virtual tour was effective, providing a rationale for that opinion:

The difference between in person tour and virtual tour is that I prefer the virtual tour because I feel that I’m able to actually learn and gain more access to information. However going in person does have it advantages, such as seeing artwork up close rather than virtually seeing it and only be able to see very little details.

Visual Quotes

“sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” by Dr. Seuss. Now as a adult, I tend to look back on memories as a child or teenagers that at that time I did see how precious those moments were. The first visual quote has photos scattered on a sheet, those photo represents memories. I changed the background color to a tinted blueish purplish to give a depth. And the quote is center align written in 3 difference fonts: Small Caps, Copperplate, and Apple Chancery. The second visual quote has a photo background of a group of friend having fun and hanging out, that represent memories, I made transparent background color on top of the photo to make to foggy, in a way like to recall a memory. The quote is aligned right and place only of the right side of the photo. There are 3 fonts used to create the quote: Small Caps, Noteworthy Light, and Noteworthy Bold. I wanted the third visual quote to look look someone was looking back on old photos and recalling those times. And in the blank photo card in hand, I wrote the quote in Noteworthy Light font.

About Me


My name is Kimora, I’m currently a college student at CityTech majoring in communication design. Growing up, I’d explore different creative areas like: drawing, painting, photography, film, songwriting, script making, and acting. I’d never taken those things seriously to say “Oh, I want to make that my career” . It was more of hobbies and interests. You know things to do for fun. So after graduating H.S. and coming into college, I was at a loss on what I want to do in the future. I was undecided from quite some time in my majors, I was basically just taking class. 

Until over the Fall of 2020, when COVID happened, I had a lot of time in my hand, so I ended up revisiting my creative side and fell back in love. I’d taken a couple of pictures, made some drawings, etc. By the time Spring Semester was approaching, I decided to look into Communication Design. At first, I’d tried a few classes just to see what it would be like. I’d ended up liking it so I changed my major from Liberal Arts to Communication Design.

Repeat Pattern Poem

The Repeat Pattern Poem Project was the hardest out the the four I choose to post. The one easy part of the project was choosing a poem, I chose Maya Angelou “Phenomenal Women” I love this poem since I was 13 year old in middle school. The poem uses a lot of symbolism itself and I felt that I’d match the pattern to the poem very well. I had learn new techniques on Adobe Photoshop to complete the project. My experience with photoshop, but learning to use Photoshop while trying to finished my project was quite frustrating, it was also quite educational for me too.

Abstract Collage Design

Project 5 was the Abstract Collage, this is my favorite out of the three I choose. This is where we finally got to use color in our work, I’d enjoy mixing colors and making the swatches. The difficulties I think I had was making varies of different shapes and sizes. Also, arranging and overlapping to create relationship.

Gordon Park

Project 2 is the Gordon Park’s inspired project, I had fun coming up with different design concept for this project. However, I had difficulties with where should I put texture and what type of texture I should use. I try use the silhouette to bring out the texture and value.

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