final donut

The final touches on the donut.

first my main problem at the moment is i do not have a supported gpu for blender so the shading cannot look so great and my render is going to look grainy because of the bad gpu. other than that it went fine. texturing the whole donut really slowed down my laptop but afterwords it went smooth. wish i had a better laptop

first time 3d modelling in blender

first time 3d modelling in blender going well so far. my gpu is not supported for fast render but other than that its going fine following a tutorial on youtube on making a donuts hope to finish soon


day 2 of custom vr home

Day 2 went well. i got very used to moving stuff around and fixed a lot of issues. but my computer has reached its max on how much i can add in my unity project and my computer cannot handle the vr chat.other than that i think it looks good

custom vr home day 1

day 1 went pretty ok. i did run into some issues with certain things like adding pictures and pre fabs breaking in my project. my build and run went good also. going to add more things soon


art inspirations

These images inspire me because looking at them gives me plenty ideas of videos games

solar system

after effects

class trailer

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