Visual Quote Project

Download (PDF, 16KB)

This was my first draft of my visual quote project. Here I used a special font called 1942 which gives me this rough looking text.  The font helps show the emotion, while the surrounding white and black is the conflict between good and evil. I enjoyed the idea but it still felt lacking so it fell short.

Download (PDF, 62KB)

My 2nd draft here I used an image of the actual character to help the reader visualize the quote. The character of Lou Bloom is very unpredictable, being charismatic one second and violent the other. While the image did support the quote I didn’t find it creative enough and decided to move along to a 3rd concept.

Download (PDF, 28KB)

This concept ended up being my favorite. I felt the font Impact made the quote pop out while I was able to continue the use of white and black from the 1st concept. The eyes give the reader a sense of unease like he/she is being watched. The design helped deliver the quote while allowing me to add my own spin to it.