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Wine Retail Beverage Shop Analysis

Wine is a very interesting thing to study and learn about. It’s one of the hardest things to learn according to me because there is so much to learn such as; where does the wine come from, what type of wine is it. I was Visiting wine retail stores around my neighborhood and seeing the benefits and drawbacks that each store has was interesting to see.


The first store I visited was Greg’s Wine & Spirits located in 72-72 62nd St. Glendale NY. I walked in and I was very unsatisfied with the environment. I was expecting it to look elegant and have many different types of wines and spirits. The manager was looking at me very suspiciously because I look young but I told him why I was here and he let me stay afterwards. I started to look at the wines and spirits and they weren’t any high class wines. There were very cheap wines that you just get for a regular low class party. The atmosphere was horrible, the floors were ugly and destroyed and the wines weren’t placed nicely. There were some wines on the floor and some on shelves. The store in general was a disaster I was disappointed to know that a wine and spirits store would be like this.


The second store I visited was Queens Wines and Liquors located in 5903 71st Ave Ridgewood, NY. Before I came to this store I called the store and spoke to the manager and asked if it was okay to walk in and take pictures of the wines and spirits. The manager spoke to me very nicely and was passionate about me coming into the store and taking pictures of the wines and spirits they have in their store. When I walked into the store the atmosphere felt like I was in a true wine and spirits shop. The store was enormous and had a lot of space for their wines and spirits. Each wine had its own section, the red wines had its own section, white wines had its own, and the spirits also had its own sections. The store was very organized for me to walk around and explore different wines and take pictures of different wines too. I saw a lot of wines that had the same regions and attributes that I learn in class which I found interesting that they would have same type of wines we learn in class. A red wine I saw was a Silverado Vineyards from Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon. That wine was priced 87$ per bottle. A white wine I saw was a Lion Gri Premium Chardonnay from Moldova. The wines and spirits from Queens Wines and Liquors were sufficient wines to see and learn new information about different types of wines and spirits.
The wines I saw while visiting Greg’s Wines and Spirits and Queens Wines and Liquors was a good experience because I learned new information from Queens Wines and Liquors, the prices in wines and also different types of wines. Compared to Greg’s Wines and Spirits I didn’t learn anything because the store was a disaster and the manager wasn’t too happy that I was there and wasn’t 21. Overall it was a good experience for myself to go around and search for wines that I never seen and learn about them.


English Revised Essay

The Life of Some Really Good Pizza

When I was 12 years old I was a real lonely kid who would keep to my self most of the time. I loved sports but barely played it and I also loved video games, my life was consistent of school, eating, and video games. I always loved food mostly pizza, ever since I tasted pizza for the first time I fell in love with it. Pizza to me isn’t just a regular food, pizza to me is my favorite food because it’s so good and it’s a type of food that most people consider fast food. This isn’t fast food to me, pizza is food that they make fresh daily every day and it tastes really good fresh. Really good to me means the pizza has a nice crunchy crust, stingy cheese, good sauce thats a little sweet, and the whole pizza overall smells great like if it was made in Italy. It was a cold Sunday afternoon when my mom told me that we are going to a pizzeria in 7th Ave called Ray’s pizzeria after church. I was kind of mad because I wanted to go home and play video games because I didn’t play all day since I was in church the whole day. Although, since I love food I told my mom it better be good because you will be wasting my time from my life and from playing video games if it’s not. I like good pizza, I am the type of kid who loves to eat but I am bad at eating at new places also. I prefer staying in my home town restaurants that I enjoy the food a lot because I have been eating in those restaurants for a while and I recognize their food and I know what is good and bad.

From the past times that I have eaten pizza I enjoyed it, I always make sure that when I eat really good pizza that the dough of the bread is crunchy like a crouton, the sauce is a bit sweet cause thats how I love my sauce on my pizza. I also love eating chicken pizza and other types of pizza but, I feel like when I eat pizza with to much ingredients it kills the pizza because you don’t really taste the sauce and it will also be a little heavy. The worst pizza is pizza that has no sauce, pizza with a little bit of sauce, and sauce that isn’t sweet. My favorite pizzeria in my neighborhood is Rosa’s pizzeria because it’s the only pizzeria that completes all of my tasks in a pizza. Which is good crust, good amount of cheese, and an amazing sauce which completes my standards in a pizza. So on that Sunday afternoon my mom and I walked into Ray’s pizzeria it wasn’t the nicest or biggest pizzeria but it looked like they sell really good pizza. It had me a little excited to taste what they got because I never ate from their. In the Other hand I wasn’t really too happy because the whole time I was just thinking about how much I really want to go home and play video games. We walk in and sit down to get our seats and then my mom tells me to go order, I go up to the counter and I order a chicken slice, regular slice, and garlic knots for myself.

I go back to my seat and wait while the pizza is cooking inside of the oven and I look at my mom and tell her “I really hope this pizza is good and you just didn’t bring me here just to eat some regular pizza cause we coming from Glendale to the city it’s a long trip”. Also you are wasting my day to be eating regular pizza and I could have been home playing games. While I’m waiting I’m praying it is the best pizza I ever ate. Then my mom tells me “Kelvin I know you love pizza this is why I brought you here because this is my favorite pizzeria and I know you will like it”. While I am still waiting for my pizza to cook I’m just thinking and praying that what my mom just told me is the truth because if it is I will be so happy to taste this pizza. The waiter finally calls me he saids, “Hey kid, your chicken slice, regular slice, and garlic knots are ready for you”. I got so excited walking up to the counter, I felt like a fat kid eating his favorite chocolate cake. I go back to my seat and I’m ready to start eating my pizza and once I took the first bite of the regular slice, that piece melted in my mouth the cheese was so stringy the dough was crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside. The best part of the pizza was the sauce, It was amazing! It was just how I love it but even better. It was great, the sauce was sweet and just a little bit of garlic in it to make it just right and it gave it the good pizza flavor to complete it all off.

I continued to eat my pizza because it was enjoyable, I took my sweet time eating it like if it was the last time I would ever eat pizza. After I ate my regular slice I ate the chicken slice and it was also amazing to eat. It had the same features as the regular slice but the chicken slice doesn’t contain too much sauce because it has a lot of mozzarella cheese and it would be to heavy if it did have a lot of sauce. I also had garlic knots and they were delicious because it was really fluffy, it had a good amount of garlic, and it wasn’t oily at all. That is the best because when the garlic knots are oily I don’t really taste the garlic knots. Usually the oil takes away the flavor from everything. Finally, once I finished eating my two slices and my garlic knots my stomach felt bloated I felt like Adam Richman after he finished doing a food challenge. I thanked my mom and told her I loved her because she literally brought me to the best pizzeria I have been too in my life and it is now my favorite pizzeria. My mom told me “I love you too my son and I did create you so I might as well know something about you”. After we were getting ready to leave by throwing the trash away we walked out the doors and walked to the car. While I was in the car heading home I also was really happy because I was literally thinking about how bad the pizza could have been, and how I would have wasted my Sunday eating bad tasting pizza. But it actually went great and now I love this pizza, even though I love video games I know I didn’t waste my time because this pizza was better than the video games I play. I also had the biggest smile on my face after eating at Ray’s pizzeria because Ray’s Pizzeria is hands down my favorite pizzeria ever. The pizza you eat there is like sex in your mouth, it was my favorite experience with pizza I ever had.


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