Wine Retail Beverage Shop Analysis

Wine is a very interesting thing to study and learn about. It’s one of the hardest things to learn according to me because there is so much to learn such as; where does the wine come from, what type of wine is it. I was Visiting wine retail stores around my neighborhood and seeing the benefits and drawbacks that each store has was interesting to see.


The first store I visited was Greg’s Wine & Spirits located in 72-72 62nd St. Glendale NY. I walked in and I was very unsatisfied with the environment. I was expecting it to look elegant and have many different types of wines and spirits. The manager was looking at me very suspiciously because I look young but I told him why I was here and he let me stay afterwards. I started to look at the wines and spirits and they weren’t any high class wines. There were very cheap wines that you just get for a regular low class party. The atmosphere was horrible, the floors were ugly and destroyed and the wines weren’t placed nicely. There were some wines on the floor and some on shelves. The store in general was a disaster I was disappointed to know that a wine and spirits store would be like this.


The second store I visited was Queens Wines and Liquors located in 5903 71st Ave Ridgewood, NY. Before I came to this store I called the store and spoke to the manager and asked if it was okay to walk in and take pictures of the wines and spirits. The manager spoke to me very nicely and was passionate about me coming into the store and taking pictures of the wines and spirits they have in their store. When I walked into the store the atmosphere felt like I was in a true wine and spirits shop. The store was enormous and had a lot of space for their wines and spirits. Each wine had its own section, the red wines had its own section, white wines had its own, and the spirits also had its own sections. The store was very organized for me to walk around and explore different wines and take pictures of different wines too. I saw a lot of wines that had the same regions and attributes that I learn in class which I found interesting that they would have same type of wines we learn in class. A red wine I saw was a Silverado Vineyards from Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon. That wine was priced 87$ per bottle. A white wine I saw was a Lion Gri Premium Chardonnay from Moldova. The wines and spirits from Queens Wines and Liquors were sufficient wines to see and learn new information about different types of wines and spirits.
The wines I saw while visiting Greg’s Wines and Spirits and Queens Wines and Liquors was a good experience because I learned new information from Queens Wines and Liquors, the prices in wines and also different types of wines. Compared to Greg’s Wines and Spirits I didn’t learn anything because the store was a disaster and the manager wasn’t too happy that I was there and wasn’t 21. Overall it was a good experience for myself to go around and search for wines that I never seen and learn about them.