Color Interaction- Assignment #5

In this Assignment, i was assigned to design a color interaction that creates an illusion for the viewer’s eyes. I could paint it or design it digitally on the computer, i chose to design the color interaction digitally in illustrator. If i were to do the assignment in paint, i could only do two color interactions but i’m doing this digitally so i have to design four color interactions. The process of creating this design is really easy, At first i added guides in illustrator to measure and balance out my work. Then i used the rectangle tool to create my interactions from 2×2 to 1/2×1/2. After that, i used the swatch or color guide to choose different colors for my interactions.

1 thought on “Color Interaction- Assignment #5

  1. It’s really hard to see this work because the colors hurts my eyes, they are way too bright. I see that you saturated the colors. Overall, good job on using illustrator.

    P.S. I might go blind .. :/

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