Self Analysis

Graduating from the associate degree nursing program to the baccalaureate program all in

the same institution has been quite an experience for me. I graduated as an

associate degree Registered Nurse ( ADN) with limited scope of knowledge as an RN. In

that, i limited my scope of practice only to the acute care setting and mental hospital

environment and could not really see beyond that. This is mostly because those settings

or institutions were the center of focus in the associate degree program. It was until i

enrolled the the baccalaureate program, is when i was able to think outside the box, so to

speak. The BSN program was an exposure to me,in a sense that it exposed me to all

other various fields or scope of nursing practice including;community nursing, public

health nursing, Nurse case management, nurse leadership and management and last but

not the least advanced practice nursing positions. It was a struggle for me to assimilate

the new aspects of nursing into my established knowledge. I constantly found myself close

minded when applying the new roles of nursing in my profession but as time went by and

with the help of clinical rotations I adopted to the different roles in nursing. The BSN was

definitely insightful and nurturing and beneficial. Incorporating evidenced based research in

assignments and syllabus also gave me the extended knowledge of how theory is put into

practice and also how effective evidence based practice improved quality of patient care

as well as improves the nurses’ knowledge on current innovations and practices.

I underestimated the Bachelors program at the beginning but i certainly say i definitely

got more than i expected from the program and it has inspired me to attain a higher

education in the future.