Personal statement of beliefs/philosophy

My ethical values are a mixture of everyday life values and professional values. What I uphold most is the true values of Veracity, which is the duty to tell the truth and be honest. I belief one must come forth clean and honest regardless who he/she is dealing or relating to.

According to Merriam Webster, an acclaimed source for finding meanings of words,philosophy is the “study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline or a set of views and theories of a particular philosopher concerning such study or an aspect of it.” In my own words, it is the deliberation of an event or elaboration through  thorough investigation of an idea. Philosophy involves a process on observation, inspection, contemplation, scrutiny, survey, review, enquiry and sometimes meditation to come up with a generally non-bias objective interpretation of an idea orexplanation of a scheme of happenings in an event. A philosophy can be prescriptive or descriptive depending on how effective it is in application in a similar event or likely debating idea of the same manner. A prescriptive philosophy is one that can be put into action such as ones used in nursing, ( e.g. Jean Watsons theory) whereas a descriptive philosophy is one that is explainable but almost impossible to take out an action.

Ethics however, is the study involved with what is good and bad related to moral duty and obligation. Caring, in the context of ethical discipline is the desire to help others fulfill their legitimate desires and improve their current states of affairs as well as acting on that desire. In my philosophy class, Health care ethics, I have been introduced to many remarkable theorists with phenomenal philosophies. One out of the many theories I find true about nursing, what I find important, is that which is rooted in Nel Nodding’s theories that, care ethics is a natural instinct that humans possess, to care for one another. She held the belief that society is bonded together through relationships as one unit; the universe and adds to the assumption or belief that objects cannot exist without relationships to others. In this case we often relate to these individuals because when interacting with them we fulfill our own personal interest. I believe the notion that we are all related in the universe is conceptually true, in a sense that although we may not be blood related, we have common traits and characters that we can identify ourselves with other. Nel Noddings, theory is synonymous to Jean Watsons Holistic theory, embodied in Cityteh’s nursing program, which holds the view of everything is everything, so to speak. In other words that the world is considered as a whole, and so is the person, hence when caring or approaching the world or a person, for that matter should be considered in all aspects and not in bits and pieces.