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Assignment 5: Peer Review

I choose to review Richard Rice’s pitch of his walk of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. In his pitch he clearly explained that his walk in beautiful , using many different descriptive adjectives to describe everything in the neighbor. He points out the architecture of the buildings and mentions that the neighbor is historically preserved. His pitch doesn’t necessarily make me want to take this walk but, it informs me of what there is to experience in this part of Brooklyn. There are a few grammar error but, i am sure that they will be changed when he write the revised version.

View from my window: Research

Today outside if my window look just like yesterday. The cars are parked in the same place every morning and evening. It seems like all our neighbors have some type of unspoken parking arrangement.  I can see the  birds sitting on the cords every morning and in the afternoon every now and then a squirrel running as fast as it can along the cords from one tree to the next. Trees make up majority of what i see out my window , its looks like there is a never ending forest in the horizon going on for miles and miles. If i stand close enough to the window and look up into the sky, night or day, i can see the bottom of airplanes coming so close to my roof i feel like  i can reach out touch them.