Assignment 6: Self Review

During this project , i spent the most time actually finding the route that i wanted to write about.  I had already written about my walk from city tech to the pier, so now i wasn’t sure what to write. Eventually, after having a better understanding of the project i chose to take the same route. This time however , i choose to focus more attention to my surrounding and what i saw and heard. However, due to the changing weather that was taking place, i wasn’t able to actually take the walk for myself. I relied on memory to write my essay “The Route”. If i was able to take the walk the second time, my essay might have more details and maybe been longer. I think that my pitch and in class presentation could have been improved. i could have given more persuasive detail to the class as to why my walk was interesting enough for them to take it for themselves rather than just listen to me talk about it. I excelled at the actual writing part of project. I like to write and also, i like to improve my writing. However, the part that i feel i didn’t excel at was a part of the project at all and that was my time management. I started off good, but eventually i found myself rushing to get things done. The length of the assignment itself, made it hard for me to keep track.

The pitch”  was the longest and most detailed part of the project. In the fifth assignment for the project we were allowed to revise the pitch. Based on the feedback we got from our peers , we were able to change our essay and also include outside information if need. This project allowed me the ability to change my essay around and revise it to my liking. I believe my walk was very interesting  because there is a lot to look at while you are walking and i believe i clearly explained that in my pitch. I feel like my work could still be improved with ever more detail, adding more descriptive words to give the reader a better visualization of those beautiful Brooklyn streets.

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